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Putting the "oomph" back in "The Oomph Girl"

Ann Sheridan to Leave Tense Hollywood for Mexico

by Bob Thomas

Ann SheridanHollywood June 11, 1953 (AP) -- Ann Sheridan said today she is leaving a "tense" Hollywood to make her residence in Mexico.

I had heard that the onetime "oomph girl" was giving up her San Fernando Valley home to live in the land of manana. She was reported to have commented:

"Why stay in Hollywood and wait for an ulcer?" So I queried her to the "rage of the Jungle" set and she confirmed the report.

"Yes I plan to sell my home in the valley and live in Mexico City,"
she said. "I'll probably be there six months out of the year, returning to Hollywood for a couple of pictures a year. That's been my usual schedule."

She said there were several reasons for her switch. One of them is the state of the industry.
Everybody Tense 

"It used to be a lot of fun making pictures," she remarked. "But nowadays everybody is so tense. There's a completely different feeling in the studios. And it's not caused by 3D or anything like that. "

I mentioned that it might be because so many film workers are out of jobsAnn Sheridan and those who are employed don't know how long it will last.

"That's probably it," she commented. "But it's not because of the 18-month tax deal. The production abroad isn't just to help actors make more money; most of the actors who go over there stay only for one picture. The studios have to make pictures abroad to unfreeze their money."

Ann added that she fell in love with Mexico and has wanted to live in the easier pace below the border. She also plans to make some pictures with her own company in Mexico.

"I think the Mexican film industry is just hitting its stride," she remarked. "They're going to be doing great things down there. I'm sure it's going to rank next to Hollywood in importance as a film capital."

No Tax Dodge 

But she emphasized that her plans involved no tax dodge.

"When I work in this country, I'll pay taxes here; when I work in Mexico, I'll pay taxes there," she said.

Ann is selling her big valley home and will buy a smaller place. When she bought it, she said, it was out in the wilds. Like the rest of southern California, the area has boomed and there are houses all around her. She now has to flight an hour of traffic to get to work.

She also told of her servant woes. Before she entertained a great deal and had a big house, she required a housekeeping couple.

Ann Sheridan"But I ended up working for them," she sighed.

The climax came one night when she was returning from the studio. Her car ran out of gas. She had to hike two miles to lug gas back to her car.

When she got home, the redhead was in a fighting mood. She pointedly asked the butler to keep the car serviced, but he put up an argument. The he sulked for two weeks. About this time, Ann made the final decision to sell her place and move to Mexico.

Although she didn't mention it, friends believe that large part of the reason for her change of locale is her grief over the death of publicist Steven Hannagan. His passing left a void in her life.

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