Remembering Ann Sheridan

Putting the "oomph" back in "The Oomph Girl"

Ann Sheridan's Best Movies
(and a few "not-so-best" movies)

The following is a list of the Ann Sheridan movies I have personally seen.

Ann Sheridan movies all classic movie fans should see:

Kings Row (1942)

Ann Sheridan, Robert Cummings, Ronald Reagan, Betty Field, Charles Coburn
Ann's Character: Randy Monaghan     Director: Sam Wood

My two cents:  Ann's favorite film of hers. Widely regarded as the best film Ann made. Even though she arrives on the scene about an hour in, she steals the movie.

Angels With Dirty Faces (1939)
Ann Sheridan, James Cagney, Pat O`Brien, Humphrey Bogart
Ann's Character: Laury Ferguson     Director: Michael Curtiz

My two cents: Entertaining film with a great performance by Ann. Highly recommended.

Torrid Zone (1940)

Ann Sheridan, James Cagney, Pat O`Brien, Andy Devine
Ann's Character: Lee Donley     Director: William Keighley

My two cents: I love this movie. Ann looks great and is an absolute riot. James Cagney, Pat O'Brien and George Tobias (as Rosario) also deliver great performances.

The Man Who Came to Dinner (1942)
Ann Sheridan, Bette Davis, Monty Woolley, Jimmy Durante
Ann's Character: Lorraine Sheldon     Director: William Keighley

My two cents: Ann looks stunning and is extremely hilarious as the haughty socialite Lorraine Sheldon. A comedy classic for the ages.

I Was a Male War Bride (1949)
Ann Sheridan, Cary Grant, Marion Marshall
Ann's Character: Lt. Catherine Gates     Director: Howard Hawks

My two cents: Ann shows her flair for comedy in this entertaining Howard Hawk's comedy. Cary Grant was a handsome guy, but he makes for a less than attractive War Bride.

They Drive by Night (1940)
Ann Sheridan, George Raft, Ida Lupino, Humphrey Bogart
Ann's Character:  Cassie Hartley     Director: Raoul Walsh

My two cents: Great movie. Contains Ann's classic "waitress exchange" with Raft and Bogart.  Plus it features a captivately frantic performance by the "crazy in love" Lana Carlsen played by Ida Lupino.

City for Conquest (1940)
Ann Sheridan, James Cagney, Frank Craven, Donald Crisp
Ann's Character: Peggy Nash     Director: Anatole Litvak

My two cents: Ann dances up a storm with Anthony Quinn in this entertaining, gritty picture.

Nora Prentiss (1947)
Ann Sheridan, Kent Smith, Bruce Bennett, Robert Alda
Ann's Character: Nora Prentiss     Director: Vincent Sherman

My two cents: Ann looks amazing and sings a few tunes in this film noir classic.

One More Tomorrow (1946)

Ann Sheridan, Dennis Morgan, Jack Carson, Aleis Smith, Jane Wyman, Reginald Gardiner
Ann's Character: Christie Sage     Director: Paul Godfrey

My two cents: This is the movie that turned me on to Ann. I love this movie and I love Annie in this movie.

George Washington Slept Here (1942)

Ann Sheridan,Jack Benny, Charles Coburn, Percy Kilbride, Hattie McDaniel
Ann's Character: Connie Fuller     Director: William Keighley

My two cents: Charming comedy with nice support from Percy Kilbride and Hattie McDaniel. Benny seems a bit shrill at times (maybe it's just me), but Ann delivers another charming and solid performance.

Take Me to Town (1953)
Ann Sheridan, Sterling Hayden, Philip Reed, Lee Patrick
Ann's Character: Vermilion O'Toole aka Mae Madison     Director: Douglas Sirk

My two cents: This is a fun movie. It's in color and Ann's red hair and personality light up the screen.

The Unfaithful (1947)
Ann Sheridan, Lew Ayres, Zachary Scott, Eve Arden
Ann's Character: Chris Hunter     Director: Vincent Sherman

My two cents: Compelling drama. Definitely worth a watch if you can find it on the tube.

Must see Ann Sheridan movies for Ann Sheridan fans:

It All Came True (1940)
Ann Sheridan, Jeffrey Lynn, Humphrey Bogart, Zasu Pitts
Ann's Character: Sarah Jane Ryan aka Sal     Director: Lewis Seiler

My two cents: I saw this on Turner Classic Movies a number of years ago and recently bought the DVD.  It's a good movie, but I enjoyed the first half more the second half.  

Stella (1950)
Ann Sheridan, Victor Mature, Leif Erickson, David Wayne
Ann's Character: Stella Bevans     Director: Claude Binyon

My two cents: The premise is a bit goofy, but I enjoyed Stella a lot. It's not perfect, but still very much worth a look for Ann Sheridan fans.

Silver River (1948)
Ann Sheridan, Errol Flynn, Thomas Mitchell, Bruce Bennett
Ann's Character: Georgia Moore     Director: Raoul Walsh

My two cents: I saw this a while ago. I enjoyed it. When I watch it again (which I plan to do soon) I will update this comment.

Good Sam (1948)
Ann Sheridan, Gary Cooper, Ray Collins, Edmund Lowe
Ann's Character: Lucille 'Lu' Clayton     Director: Leo McCarey

My two cents: This is one of those movies where you either love or hate. If you go into with the understanding that it's a spoof of movies like "It's a Wonderful Life," chances are you'll enjoy the ride.

Come Next Spring (1956)
Ann Sheridan, Steven Cochran, Walter Brennan
Ann's Character: Bess Ballot     Director: R. G. Springseen

My two cents: Good movie. Ann's a little older and wiser in this one. One of Ann's favorite movies of hers.

The Opposite Sex (1956)
Ann Sheridan, June Allyson, Joan Collins, Delores Gray, Ann Miller, Leslie Nielsen
Ann's Character: Amanda Penrose     Director: David Miller

My two cents: Not as bad as you might have heard. Ann steals the show and looks sleek and thin in this curious time piece.

Wings for the Eagle (1942)
Ann Sheridan, Dennis Morgan, Jack Carson, George Tobias
Ann's Character: Roma Maple     Director: Lloyd Bacon

My two cents: Like Silver River I saw this a number of years ago. I enjoyed it a lot. Plan to watch it again soon.

Edge of Darkness (1943)
Ann Sheridan, Errol Flynn, Walter Huston, Nancy Coleman
Ann's Character: Karen Stensgard     Director: Lewis Milestone

My two cents: When I first saw this I was a bit let down (expecially since it was directed by "All Quiet on the Western Front" director Lewis Milestone.) But having said that, it's a fairly gripping window into what was happening in the world as a result of Hitler and his cohorts.

Shine on Harvest Moon (1944)
Ann Sheridan, Dennis Morgan, Jack Carson, Irene Manning
Ann's Character: Nora Bayes     Director: David Butler

My two cents: Fun bio picture of Nora Bayes and Jack Norworth who together wrote the famous song "Shine on Harvest Moon." Norworth also wrote the words to "Take Me Out To The Ballgame."

Ann wasn't particularly fond of this picture and it loses something because Ann's singing was dubbed, but if I had an opportunity to watch it again, I would.

Car 99 (1935)
Ann Sheridan, Fred MacMurray, Guy Standing
Ann's Character: Mary Adams     Director: Charles Barton

My two cents: Early effort from Ann. She has some fun scenes in it. Only twenty, but you can see her star quality shine through.

Black Legion (1937)
Ann Sheridan, Humphrey Bogart, Dick Foran
Ann's Character: Betty Grogan     Director: Archie Mayo

My two cents: Bogie is the focus of the movie. But Ann and Dick Foran are along for the ride. Enjoyable drama.

San Quentin (1937)
Ann Sheridan, Pat O'Brien, Humphrey Bogart
Ann's Character: May     Director: Lloyd Bacon

My two cents: A must see for Ann fans. Bogie plays Ann's "not-so-good" brother.

Wine, Women and Horses (1937)
Ann Sheridan, Barton MacLane, Dick Purcell
Ann's Character: Valerie     Director: Louis King

My two cents: I really enjoyed the character Barton MacLane plays in this. MacLane plays Jim Turner, a happy-go-lucky carefree guy, who ends up being tempted back into the "dark side" by Ann. I would love to see this again.

The Angels Wash Their Faces (1939)
Ann Sheridan, Huntz Hall, Leo Gorcey, Ronald Reagan
Ann's Character: Joy Ryan     Director: Ray Enright

My two cents: Not nearly as good as "Angels with Dirty Faces," but not bad either.

Woman on the Run (1950)
Ann Sheridan, Dennis O'Keefe, Robert Keith
Ann's Character: Eleanor Johnson     Director: Norman Foster

My two cents: Good, solid suspense movie.

Steel Town (1952)
Ann Sheridan, John Lund, Howard Duff
Ann's Character: 'Red' McNamara     Director: George Sherman

My two cents: The movie offers a glimpse into the steel industry in the 1950s. Ann has some good lines and looks great.

Juke Girl (1942)
Ann Sheridan, Ronald Reagan, Richard Whorf
Ann's Character: Lola Mears     Director: Curtis Bernhardt

My two cents: Ann in her prime. It's not a great movie, it's a good one and  Ann Sheridan fans will love it.

Only for hard-core Ann Sheridan fans:

Winter Carnival
Ann Sheridan, Richard Carlson, Helen Parrish
Ann's Character: Jill Baxter     Director: Charles Reisner

My two cents: Not a bad movie really. Ann plays Jill Baxter who has gained nortoriety by marrying a duke.  She looks out for her kid sister in this film notable for having the great F. Scott Fitzgerald as contributor to the screenplay.

Rocky Mountain Mystery (1935) aka The Fighing Westener
Ann Sheridan, Randolph Scott, Charles Sale
Ann's Character: Rita Ballard     Director: Charles Barton

My two cents: This was an ok movie. I plan to watch it again soon. When I do, I will update my comments.

Naughty But Nice (1939)
Ann Sheridan, Dick Powell, Gale Page
Ann's Character: Zelda Manion     Director: Ray Enright

My two cents: Interesting movie. Ann sings and has one really great scene where she slaps everyone in the room. It's really Dick Powell's movie though. And as much as I love Zasu Pitts her running joke got a bit tiring after a while.

Red Blood Of Courage (1935)
Ann Sheridan, Kermit Maynard, Reginald Barlow
Ann's Character: Beth Henry     Director: John English

My two cents: I just watched this. It's not the greatest movie (production values and whatnot), but it's always a pleasure seeing "early Ann."

Mystery House (1938)
Ann Sheridan, Dick Purcell, Anne Nagel, William Hopper
Ann's Character: Nurse Sarah Keate     Director: Noel M. Smith

My two cents: Ann has rather minor role in this. Plan to watch it again soon.

Only for die-hard Ann Sheridan fans:

Appointment in Honduras (1953)
Ann Sheridan, Glenn Ford, Zachary Scott
Ann's Character: Sylvia Sheppard     Director: Jacques Tourneur

My two cents: Ann is quoted as saying she heard this movie was an "absolute horror."  Enough said.

Honeymoon for Three (1941)
Ann Sheridan, George Brent, Charles Ruggles, Osa Massen
Ann's Character: Anne Rogers      Director: Lloyd Bacon

My two cents: I wasn't big on this movie at all. Painful script.

The Doughgirls (1944)
Ann Sheridan, Alexis Smith, Jack Carson, Jane Wyman
Ann's Character: Edna Stokes Cadman     Director: James V. Kern

My two cents: This movie almost gave me a headache. Almost made me feel claustrophobic (due to it being based on a stage play perhaps). I plan to watch it again though to make sure that it's as bad as I think it is.

Not really an "Ann Sheridan film"

Castle on the Hudson (1940)
... aka Years Without Days
Ann Sheridan, John Garfield, Pat O`Brien
Ann's Character: Kay Manners     Director: Anatole Litvak

My two cents: Story focuses on John Garfield who is imprisoned for a crime he committed. Ann is basically wasted as his visiting girlfriend. So-so movie.

Search for Beauty (1934)
Ann Sheridan, Buster Crabbe, Ida Lupino
Ann's Character: Texas Beauty Winner     Director: Erle C. Kenton

My two cents: Ann is in this only for a few seconds. It's an interesting and somewhat curious picture and worth a view -- but not because of Ann.

They Made Me a Criminal (1939)
Ann Sheridan, John Garfield, The Dead End Kids, Claude Rains
Ann's Character:
Goldie West     Director: Busby Berkeley

My two cents: Ann is only in the opening few scenes.

Dodge City (1939)
Ann Sheridan, Errol Flynn, Olivia de Havilland, Bruce Cabot
Ann's Character: Ruby Gilman     Director: Michael Curtiz

My two cents: Ann's participation is little more than a cameo. Good film, but it's Errol and Olivia's show.

Cowboy from Brooklyn  (1938)
Ann Sheridan, Priscilla Lane, Dick Powell, Pat O`Brien, Dick Foran, Ronald Reagan
Ann's Character: Maxine Chadwick     Director: Lloyd Bacon

My two cents: This is a rather frantic light-weight comedy that will not be everyone's cup of tea.  Priscilla Lane is rather unremarkable in the lead female role, but she doesn't have much to work with.  Ann has an extremely minor, no-frills role.  She really doesn't figure into the plot at all.  So don't expect to see much of her in this silly, yet harmless time-waster.

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