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Scott McKay
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The following is written by Therese Bushen.  Scott McKay's step-daughter from his marraige to Anna-Marie Hickey (1969 to March 16th, 1987):

Scott McKay I was about 12 or 13 years old when Ann Sheridan started coming to our home in Tarzana California. She was working on a TV series called 'Pistols & Petticoats," who my then stepfather, Keith Vincent (AKA Keith Vinsonhaler, and not a very nice person) was working as an executive director.

I believe she came several times to watch the pilot and a few episodes of the show with our family. She was lovely & gracious, and she and my mom became friendly. Apparently Scott McKay, her then husband was touring in a show, so he did not accompany her to our home.

She suddenly stopped coming over, and I seem to remember something about her becoming very ill. My next memory is of Scott McKay coming over by himself for dinner, following the death of Ann. He came several times, and I remember him bringing one of his sons to a visit to our home.

Anna-Marie McKayMy mother and Keith were not happy, Scott was sad and lonely, and Ann was gone. My mom, Anna-Marie McKay, had always had an interest in the stage and screen, and had done some acting in high school & college. She and Scott were very drawn to each other, and as mom's marriage to Keith deteriorated, she and Scott began to see each other. She soon filed for a divorce from Keith, and we all moved into Scott's house in the Hollywood hills, the lovely home he and Ann Sheridan had shared together. Mom and Scott soon married, and my sister, brother and I were happy that our mom was finally happy.

Scott got a part in a play, I believe it was Forty Carats, and the three of us kids went to boarding school for a year, while mom and Scott went on tour. We came back and enjoyed another summer in the Hollywood hills house before we all went to New York. My sister and I soon returned to California where we began our own lives.

About a year later we received the horrible news that the house in the Hollywood Hills had been robbed. Thieves had pulled a moving van up to the driveway of the house (information provided from a neighbor who thought nothing of it) and literally ripped the rugs off the floors, curtains off the windows, and chandeliers from the ceiling. So much of what was in that house had belonged to Ann Sheridan, and were mementos from her films and travels in the world. The one room the thieves did not touch was Ann & Scott's extensive library. I guess they were not very literate. They also left some of her African art, gifts that were given to here while she was filming in Africa. I still have a lot of her books, and a few pieces of her African art. There were some suspicions around a business manager of either Ann or Scott's, but nothing was ever proven, and that was basically the end of the house in Hollywood hills. I believe it was on Oakley drive.

Scott McKay and Rex Harrison in Bell, Book & CandleScott and Anna-Marie returned to New York, where they spent the rest of Scott's life together, when they were not on tour. Scott had an extensive career in the New York Theater, and worked with many well know actors. He was well liked by all he came in contact with, and loved to cook, eat, and write. Anna-Marie appeared in a few plays with him, and worked as an understudy on several others. She also did some voice over and commercial work. She worked for several years at one of New York's biggest literary agencies, Flora Roberts Inc, and then eventually, with Scott's help and guidance, opened her own literary agency, Anna-Marie McKay, Inc.

Scott and Anna-Marie had just been accepted into Manhattan Plaza, a residence exclusively for people in the theatrical & entertainment industry, when Scott suddenly became critically ill. They had been on the waiting list for 10 years. They were having their celebratory dinner on Valentines day, when Scott said to Anna-Marie, "I wouldn't dream of dying now." Anna-Marie was taken aback and asked "why would you say such a thing"? Scott replied, "Oh, I don't know, just looking forward to our new place at Manhattan plaza". Scott must have been having a premonition, because the very next day Anna-Marie woke to find him very ill and called 911. Scott was taken to the hospital where he survived for one more month.

I was on the phone from California with my mother almost every night for the next several weeks. She spent every day at the hospital with Scott. Things were not looking good and she was sounding increasingly stressed. I realized I better get back to New York to assist her, as she was also needing to move if they wanted to keep the apartment in Manhattan Plaza. I am sure she never dreamed she would be moving in alone. I arrived in New York and by this time Scott had been in a coma for several days, but he opened his eyes and looked at me, and I could see his eyes saying to me, with his usual sense of humor, "where have you been? It's about time."

He passed away a few days later on March 16th 1987 at the age of 71.

As mom & I left the hospital, we ran right into the Saint Patrick's day parade, and I will think of Scott, every time I hear a bag pipe for the rest of my life.

A well known New York Actor, loved by many, and gone too soon.

-Therese Bushen

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